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City Semiotics

Cognitive Insights


Prarang has developed a unique model in City-Semiotics. A select geography’s Content reading, rejecting, browsing & watching trends are a reflection of its continuously changing Emotions & Interests. Our City-Semiotics provides important insights into the City’s need vis-à-vis the City’s work & education patterns. This is a continuous feedback loop useful for governance & also for customizing products & solutions.

The Daily Content Posts of each City (in the Mother Tongue) is measured on the – Emotion, Culture/Nature, Education, Work & Global/Local – Two independent metrics of the Signifier ( Content Creator) & the Signified (Content Recipient) constantly measured & compared, without the impact of digital marketing ( i.e. paid boosting of content post), to compile an unbiased semiotic output on the City’s online reading/browsing patterns. The Western linguistic semiotics model of Signifier-Signified is effectively synchronized with Indian philosophy’s Rasa-Bhava to produce a unique output which provides cognitive insights into each City. The daily semiotics feed aggregate over time to become more & more significant.

We have been continuously creating daily content for 4 Indian cities ( of different population sizes) for over 2000 days each. With approx. 10,000 subscribers in each City, here is a peep inside the live City Semiotics, until yesterday -