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The mobile internet provides a more targeted & cost-effective option vis-à-vis traditional forms of Advertising ( Newspapers, Outdoors, Radio/TV etc) . Yet, few hyperlocal digital solutions have emerged for advertisers thus far, as contextualized hyperlocal language content continues to be scarce, in an English language driven internet. With Prarang daily , local language city content creation, we attempt to fill that gap. Alongside, it opens a new digital advertising opportunity Additionally, with the daily benefit of unique City semiotic insights, a quantum leap in advertising is now possible. With the City Semiotics detailed input , you can get to even understand the different emotions, interests, shapes, colours, fonts – everything which attributes various meanings, to help you to construct an advertisement that best promotes what you want to say.

Prarang offers an exclusive Advertising opportunity for our City-Partners

  • Zero Waste Advertisement
    • Reach 20-70% (or more) of the internet-enabled population
    • Save on paper and plastic
    • Track competitive advertising across traditional media & industry
  • Daily & Monthly City/District Metrics
    • Measure as you grow
    • Deep local data insights for sharper planning
  • Make Your City Beautiful and Safe
    • No ugly billboards and hoardings
  • City Event / Announcement
    • Fastest Delivery across the city
  • City Audience – Semiotic Insights
    • Partner on deep engagement with local audiences

Adscape - City Print & Outdoor Survey
Database live for Meerut, Rampur, Lucknow & Jaunpur

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